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MEAS Undergraduate Updates

The Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Department is excited to welcome you to NC State!  We look forward to working with you over the summer to enroll in fall courses and meeting you at New Student Orientation in July.

Our majors will have courses loaded into their shopping carts after the placement test deadline and placement tests are completed, but your schedule will not be a complete.  These are only starting point.  You should enroll in the courses in your shopping cart and add at least one course.  These changes need to be made online by your assigned enrollment date. You should already have received your Unity ID and password from the university so that you can register.  Those are two of the three things you need to register.

The third thing you need is some guidance in making changes to your schedule.  One source of help is the information below in the section titled Building a Schedule.  The other source of information is Maggie Puryear, the Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs in the Department of MEAS.  She will be your academic advisor for your first year.  You can either e-mail or call her when you need some help.  Her contact information is:


Phone: 919-513-1093

Important Note: You will be assigned one day from June 4 – June 7 to enroll in classes. On your assigned day, you will have from 8:00am to 11:59pm to enroll. You can find your assigned enrollment dates in MyPack Portal. The university will only open a quarter of the remaining seats in courses each of the 4 days. During these 4 days, you will only be allowed to enroll on your assigned day. It is important that you enroll on your assigned date.

If you have a question, let Maggie Puryear know.


Building a Schedule


Marine Sciences (all concentrations)

Meteorology (no concentration and Marine Science concentration)

Natural Resources with a concentration in Marine and Coastal Resources