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MEAS Undergraduate Updates
We have an MEAS Department Seminar this coming Monday, Feb.19, at **3:00PM** in 1216 Jordan Addition.  Join us in person or online.
Speaker – Atul Jain, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign),, hosted by the MEAS Seminar Committee
Seminar Title – Water, Energy, and Carbon Footprint from Bioethanol Production
Abstract – Bioethanol crops have the potential to meet future energy demands and mitigate climate change by partially replacing fossil fuels. However, the large-scale cultivation of these crops may also impact climate change through changes in land cover, terrestrial water and energy balance, carbon and other nutrient dynamics, and their interactions. This represents a pivotal challenge within the Food-Energy-Water System (FEWS) nexus. Our study estimates potential bioethanol yield across the US based on crop field studies and conversion technology analysis for three crops – corn, Miscanthus, and two cultivars of switchgrass (Cave-in-Rock and Alamo). This presentation will provide a detailed analysis of the implications of growing bioethanol crops on water and energy resources and GHG emissions. Additionally, the presentation will explore how the growing challenges of extreme climate conditions, including droughts and heat waves, are shaping these critical factors across the US.