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MEAS Undergraduate Updates
 We have our next MEAS Dept. Seminar this Monday, February 12, at 330PM in 1216 Jordan Addition.  Join us in person or online.
Seminar Title – Interests and Opportunities through ONR Marine Meteorology
Speaker – Joshua Cossuth, Program Officer, Ocean, Atmosphere, and Space Research Division, Office of Naval Research, (hosted by S. Yuter)

The Office of Naval Research Marine Meteorology and Space program sponsors innovative Basic and Applied Research to eligible institutions globally, including academia, government, and industry. While we collaborate on environmental earth science from the seafloor through solar characterization, our current specialty thrust areas include atmospheric prediction and processes, atmospheric effects, air-sea interaction, atmospheric boundary layer processes, satellite remote sensing, and ionospheric analysis and prediction. Emphasis is placed on basic research to improve the fundamental understanding of atmospheric processes, and applied research on the data, analysis and prediction systems for forecasting environmental parameters critical to Navy and Marine Corps operations in maritime and littoral regions. The talk will give an overview of the Office of Naval Research, the Marine Meteorology program, past/present/future research projects and directions, and potential opportunities for academic partners (including students) to work with Naval Research.