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Join us for a virtual Global Change Seminar 
Organized by the Southeast CASC Global Change Fellows


Wednesday October 19, 2022, 4:15 – 5:15pm ET

NOAA’s New Agenda for a Climate Ready Nation

FeaturingKo Barrett, NOAA Senior Advisor for Climate

Summary: For years NOAA has succeeded in building a Weather Ready Nation (WRN) which educates the public on weather events, risks, and ways to prepare through educational seminars, pamphlets, courses, and more. NOAA now has a new agenda to build a Climate Ready Nation. This plan will aid in creating more jobs to create clean-energy, increase education on climate states, and ensure that NOAA is the main provider of climate information and services. Ko Barrett is the NOAA Senior Advisor for Climate and the leader of this new agenda. Ko Barrett will speak in this SECASC Global Change Seminar on this new strategic plan and the future of the climate state.

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