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MEAS Undergraduate Updates
This year, we sent our second cohort of NC State students to Poznan, Poland for the Poland Global STEM Semester program. I’m happy to say that applications are now open for Fall 2020, and we are now offering 26 courses for NC State students to choose from to fulfill major, minor, and GEP requirements. This is a low-cost program with high value for students with built-in travel and a dedicated study abroad advisor on-site during orientation. Courses on the program will offer transfer credit, and our office will handle pre-approvals on behalf of the students.
Info Session
We will hold an Info Session for the program this Thursday, November 21st at 4:30pm in Talley 3221. A brief, recorded online info session can be found on our program brochure, for those who can’t make it.
Group Advising
To sign up for group advising, students should click “Apply Now” on the program brochure. From there, they will have the opportunity to make an appointment with me and decide whether the program is right for them. The deadline to apply is February 1st.
Poland Courses:

Coursework and laboratory courses will be held at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, a world-class university with brand new facilities and an excellent faculty. All courses will be taught in English and will offer transfer credit. Some on-site tutoring will be also be arranged.

Tentative 2020 Course Offerings:

1. General Chemistry (3 credits) and lab (1 credit)
2. Organic Chemistry I (3 credits) and lab (1 credit)
3. Organic Chemistry II (3 credits) and lab (1 credit)
4. Physical Chemistry I (3 credits)
5. Analytical Chemistry (3 credits)
6. Physics for Scientists and Engineers (Newtownian Mechanics) (3 credits) and lab (1 credit)
7. Physics for Scientists and Engineers (Electricity and Magnetism) (3 credits) and lab (1 credit)
8. Physics for Life Sciences (Newtownian Mechanics) (3 credits) and lab (1 credit)
9. Physics for Life Sciences (Electricity and Magnetism) (3 credits) and lab (1 credit)
10. Aeronautical Engineering (3 credits)
11. Engineering Statics (3 credits)
12. Electrical Engineering (Signals and Circuits) (4 credits)
13. Electrical Engineering (Computer Systems Programming) (3 credits)
14. Computer Science (Java Programming) (3 credits)
15. Computer Sciences (Discrete Mathematics) (3 credits)
16. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (4 credits)
17. General Microbiology (3 credits) and lab (1 credit)
18. Anatomy (3 credits) and lab (1 credit)
19. Genetics (3 credits) and lab (1 credit)
20. Statistics (4 credits)
21. Calculus III (4 credits)
22. Differential Equations (3 credits)
23. Modern Polish History (3 credits)
24. International Relations (3 credits)
25. Beginning Polish language (3 credits)
26. Health and Fitness, Physical Education (1 credit)

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