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MEAS Undergraduate Updates
SOC 202.001 Principles of Sociology. MTWTh 10:00 -12:00. 5-week, Summer I.
Introduction to sociology. Analyses of key processes and institutions including interaction, inequality, organization, socialization, and social change. Addresses experiences and outcomes of diverse groups in U.S. society. Includes core sociological concepts, methods, theories. Required course for Sociology and Criminology minors. Satisfies Social Science and US Diversity requirements.
SOC 220.301 Cultural Geography. (ONLINE) 5-week, Summer I.  
Investigates the world’s past and present cultural diversity by studying spatial patterns of population, language, religion, material and non-material culture, technology and livelihoods, communities and settlements and political organization and interaction.
Satisfies Social Science and Global Knowledge requirements
SOC 309.001. MTWTh 9:00 – 11:00. 5-week, Summer I.
Religious beliefs, practices and organizations addressed as social phenomena. Structural functionalism, conflict and subjectivism as theoretical orientations for understanding influences between religion and society. Relationship of religions to family, government, and economy and to social divisions, conflict and change.  
Satisfies Social Science requirement, may also be used towards Sociology minor