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Are you primitively skilled? Do you have a special scientific or tradecraft expertise that would enable you to live and thrive in the wilds of Alaska? Do you crave something truly different out of life– an authentic, nomadic existence?

Production Company Talos Films is seeking highly skilled men and women to join a new community of hunters and gathers for a new documentary series on a major cable network.

Those chosen will form a new tribe of men and women in Alaska in Fall of 2019 with the objective of making it a permanent nomadic community. They will work with a world-renowned expert in primitive, feral living who will help guide their journey. Together, they will build shelters, harvest, and hunt as if their lives depend on it…because they do.

We are seeking engineers, construction experts, blacksmiths, wildlife biologists, meteorologists, primitive weapon and trapping experts, animal trackers, tanners, woodworkers, primitive cooks, homesteaders, wilderness medics, off-grid farmers, and botanists from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you are working a typical office job or already live off-grid, we want to speak with you. Those who can hunt or build shelter primitively are also strongly encouraged to apply. 

This opportunity is for a recurring series regular on a major cable network and a once in a lifetime adventure. If you’ve ever thought that you were destined to live primitively as a lifestyle, this is your chance to do it! 

To apply, please email us at with your name, age, a photo, phone number and a short paragraph about yourself as well as a list of any specific job experiences or skills that you would bring to this adventure.

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